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Young Babe Myah

Posted by on July 2nd, 2010

Myah was minding her own business one sunny day when she was approached by a good looking guy and a

guy with a camera who claimed to be from a modeling company.

She was interested in making a little extra money by modeling, so she went back to their studio with them.

Check out the hardcore teen action that follows.

Young Slut Myah

Posted by on July 2nd, 2010

Myah was minding her own business one sunny day when she was approached by a good looking guy and a

guy with a camera who claimed to be from a modeling company.

She was interested in making a little extra money by modeling, so she went back to their studio with them.

Check out the hardcore teen action that follows.

Tanned Babe Passionately Rides Boner

Posted by on April 16th, 2010

Cassandra is a beautiful chica model with nice big bouncy boobs and

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a shaved cooter wet for the fucking.

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Tanned Model Passionately Rides Dong

Posted by on April 16th, 2010

Cassandra is a gorgeous spanish model with nice big bouncy breasts and a shaved pussy lubed for the fucking.

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Tanned Model Passionately Rides Cock

Posted by on April 16th, 2010

Cassandra is a sexy latina model with nice big bouncy boobs and a shaved va jj wet for the fucking.

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AlexaDawn – Teen Beauty

Posted by admin on April 23rd, 2008

Alexa Dawn - Brunette Teen

Hi Everyone! I’m Alexa Dawn. I began my first year in college last month. This is my first ti me

away from home and I’m having a blast!!! No curfew, parent’s, nosy little brothers and sister.

I am finally FREE. Free to experiment….you see, I am bi-curious. Right now, I am exploring my bi-side. I get so nervous before my girlfriends come over, but as soon as we kiss, I am putty in her hands, and mouth and anywhere else she wants to touch.

We have been secretly meeting (she has a boyfriend). I don’t know which sex I prefer. Fingers crossed, maybe I can have both!!!

My skin is soft, my lips full and sweet, my body curvy. I am shy by nature, but when the clothes start com ing off, I get caught

in the moment a I loose all my inhibitions. I start to feel sexy and wanted.

During all the shoots, I get very horny.

The best type of foreplay if you ask me. With the camera watching, I think of you watching me and how I am teasing

you. In high-school, my nickname was “A.T.” (Alexa is a tease). I would only go so far with the boys. Wait till they see this!!!! Look but no touch for all of the ones who teased me.


Krystal Gets Her Cunt Fucked

Posted by on January 31st, 2008

Krystal went over to her friend’s house to study one Saturday afternoon. But when she got there, her friend wasn’t home. Her friend’s older brother, Billy, was home, and he invited Krystal in to wait. Billy and Krystal started talking, then they started kissing, and soon they were fucking.

Billy begged Krystal to take off her shirt so he could see her tits. She pulled off her tank top and showed him the perfect boobs underneath.

He sucked her tiny nipples and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Krystal said she was getting wet, so Billy helped her pull her jeans down. He admired Krystal’s round, young ass in her tiny pink thong panties. Krystal pulled off her panties and opened her legs, letting Billy see her pink twat.

Billy couldn’t wait any longer; he pulled his pants down and made Krystal take

his member in her mouth.

Krystal started sucking his big cock, running her soft lips up and down his hard shaft. She bobbed and bounced her mouth over his cock, and she licked and teased his dick head. Then she laid back on the couch and spread her legs.

At her obvious invitation, Billy pushed Krystal’s thighs open wider and forced his cock into her wet snatch. Soon they changed positions so Krystal could ride Billy’s dick. She humped his cock making it hit her g spot over and over again. Finally Krystal felt her release as she soaked Billy’ s ball

s with her cunt juices.

Billy pulled his prick from Krystal’s quivering pussy hole and he positioned himself above her pretty face. He stroked his throbbing dick, aiming his dick head right at her mouth.

Krystal opened her lips and lapped at Billy’s cock, enticing him to cum.

Watching her lick his rod was all he needed; Billy sprayed cum all over Krystal’s face and covered her licking tongue.

Veronika Swallows His Load In Full

Posted by on January 17th, 2008

Being tall, tan and blonde wasn’t hurting Veronika in the least. No matter where she went, heads turned in her direction. But while she liked the attention, she wanted to make guys pant

to get next to her. And porn seemed like the perfect answer.

Though she w as young, she thought th

at going in for a porn modeling audition was the perfect way for her to break into the business. Newly eighteen, Veronika walked into the room as though she had done this before.

Eagerly stripping off her tight corset top, her long blonde hair fell back as her breasts spring forth from the top. Perfectly shaped and average sized, her breasts were just what the director wanted for this audition.

Veronika’s next test was giving a blowjob on camera. While she wasn’t all that experienced with giving head, she didn’t let anyone realize it. She took the model’s long hard cock in her mouth and sucked

and thrust the shaft back and forth. With a smile on her face, she jumped into the model’s lap, eager to fuck him for the director.

Moving her breasts into the face of the model, Veronika tried to look at sultry as she could, glancing over at the camera as much as possible.

Up and down, side to side, she took all of the cock in her tight snatch and began to orgasm almost immediately.

She’d been with guys before, but never like this.

But it was her pretty mouth that stole the show. Opening up wide for a shot of the other model’s jizz, she hungrily took in his cum in her mouth as though she had done it hundreds of times before.

Veronika was a hit with the director with her smile, her body, and her energy. And she knew that she had found the perfect job too.

Tyler Gets a Ride from Ryder

Posted by on January 8th, 2008

When we brought Ryder into our studio for a shoot, she thought she was in for just another normal video; a little fucking, a little sucking, and out the door with money in her hand. Imagine her surprise when we introduced her to her partner for the day: Tyler, a beautiful blonde with perfect natural tits and a tight virgin pussy, freshly shaved and ready for our star’s rapt attention.

A few nervous moments passed where Ryder tried her best to convince us that she didn’t know what was happening, but the allure of that silky blonde hair and bronze skin was too much, and in a flash she was on her knees, with her face buried deep in Tyler’s cunt. It was almost like this was exactly what she had always wanted, but

had been afraid to ask!

Ryder’s pretty pink tongue darted in and out of her pussy, making it wetter and wetter.

Tyler’s clit grew harder as she began to murmur aroused little moans that got Ryder hotter than ever.

After just a few moments, Ryder’s expert technique had Tyler’s hips bucking wildly, but Ryder backed off at the last moment, unwilling to satisfy her just yet.

Taking total control of the situation, Ryder crawled on top of Tyler, straddling her just like a man would have, grabbing her perky breasts in both hands, squeezing and stroking them as she planted tender kisses all over Tyler’s full pink lips.

Slowly, with precise rhythm, Ryder began to grind her own hips into Tyler’s, rubbing their swollen pussies against one another, intermingling their succulent juices.

Unable to control herself, Ryder began to thrust harder and harder, until their swollen clits were brushing each other, pushing them both past the brink.

At once, they both came, flooding each other with squeals of delight as they collapsed in one another’s arms.

Hillary Scott Fulfills Her Anal Desires.

Posted by on December 16th, 2007

Letting a man fuck her cunt was one thing for Hillary. Sure she loves feeling a huge cock fill her little pussy and she craved the feeling of his hot jizz pumping inside her. But what she thought about when she played with her little cunt was a little dirtier: Hillary fantasized about getting her tight asshole stretched by a huge bl

ack cock, and letting his creamy white cum slip out of her butt.

Hillary found a big, strapping black man to fulfill her ass-fucking fantasies and she immediately told him what she wanted.

He was eager to accept and took her back to his house. Hillary stripped naked for him in a few seconds, letting him get a close look at her perky little tits and her already soaking wet cunt.

Hillary got her man warmed up by dropping to her knees and sucking his dick<

/a>. He was huge, almost 12 inches in length, and he completely filled her mouth.

As she slid her lips up and down his shaft, she got hotter and hotter thinking about how it would feel to have this enormous rod buried in her ass.

Soon Hillary knew she couldn’t wait another second to have this huge throbbing black stallion inside her.

She opened her legs and bent over for his dick.

He shoved his cock deep into her slit, getting himself nice and wet before he penetrated her tight asshole. As he pumped into her pussy, Hillary fingered her asshole in preparation for the fucking she was about to get.

Hillary was surprised when her man withdrew his huge cock from her cunt and slipped it deep and quick into her ass. She squealed with pleasure, and spread her legs widerso he could get as deep as possible. Soon he was ready to cum, and Hillary let out a lusty moan as she felt him unload into her newly stretched asshole.

As he pulled out of her ass, he moved up to her face and sprayed his cum all over her chest and watched her lick it all up.

Mild-Mannered Madison Loves Sucking Cock

Posted by on November 8th, 2007

Madison was new to the modeling world.

W hen

Derrick approached her to do some nude modeling, she had no idea what she was getting into, but she agreed. She was surprised when while the camera was rolling, Derrick started to fondle her and pulled her shirt over her head.

HE squeezed her tiny tits, and then let his hand wander to her bare cunt hidden under her short skirt. She was concerned about being naked on film, but Derrick’s hand felt so good probing her little cunt that she parted her legs and let him finger her twat.

Derrick pulled Madison’s skirt down and got between her legs. He began to lick her little clit, making Madison moaned and grind her hips against his lapping tongue. Madison orgasmed all over Derrick’s tongue, and then he pulled back and took his prick out.

Madison grabbed Derrick’s cock and went to work, slipping his prick deep into her mouth.

She slurped her way up and down his hard shaft. Derrick pushed Madison’s head further onto his cock, sending his dick head right into her throat. After Madison has sucked him enough, he told her to lie down and opened her legs.

Madison started to protest, but before she could, Derrick had shoved his huge rod deep into her soaking wet cunt hole. Madison forgot all her worries once Derrick was fucking her cunt, and she opened her thighs as wide as she could so she could stroke her little clit and send herself into another orgasm while Derrick’ s dick wa

s inside her.

All the thrusting of Derrick’s cock sent Madison over the edge once more, this time sending her dripping wetness down his cock and balls.

Derrick pulled his dick from Madison’s pussy and rubbed himself over her face, finally squirting her face with his hot gooey cum.